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Approach to the patient with psychological disturbance

It is important to ensure you approach these stations with your standard opening and background questions, followed by time focusing on your psychiatric symptoms. There are many mnemonics to help you cover each of the aspects in the psychiatric history, ‘ASEPTIC’ is the one outlined below. Typically the examiner will ask you to pause around one minute before the end of the station to allow you to summarise your findings and outline your plan. 

For the majority of presentations plans will need to include the following points:

  • SADPERSONS score
  • Capacity assessment 
  • Psychosocial needs assessment 
  • Psychiatric review/referral
  • Contact with children

Psychiatric History

Examinations and scoring systems

Modified SADPERSONS Score

Abbreviated Mental Test Score (AMTS)

Mini Mental State Examination

Assessing Mental Capacity


Assessing Mental Capacity

Mental Health Act

Mental Health Act Assessment

Substance misuse

Alcohol History and Education

Additonal Resources